An adult qualifies for speech services after completing an assessment if he or she is suspected of having a significant speaking-related issue that interferes with work, health, and/or their ability to communicate effectively with family and others.

At Speech Guy®, we understand the difficulties communication problems can cause to everyday life for adults. We provide therapy utilizing a model specifically intended to help the client eliminate the barriers caused by their communication difficulty, and achieve success. This has amounted to the success and remediation of communication difficulties for many adults.

In finding a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), it is crucial that you find someone who has a current, valid license to practice. You can verify a Speech-Language Pathologist’s license by going here. Also, look to see if the SLP has his or her Certification of Clinical Competence (CCC). It is also highly recommended that the SLP be affiliated with (i.e. a member of) the American Speech-Language, Hearing Association (ASHA). Though not a requirement to practice, ASHA SLPs are equipped with access to current research, trends, strategies, ethics, and a social network of professionals, which enhances their practice exponentially.

Finally, be sure the therapist has knowledge and skills in your area of concern.
Speech Guy® has tremendous experience working with adults who have the following concerns/needs:

  • Lisps, articulation disorders: We use simple strategies to quickly fix lingering lisps or speech sound difficulties.
  • Tongue thrust, myofunctional disorders: Do you have a tongue thrust which is causing dental or orthodontic issues? Look no further, Speech Guy® has a program to eliminate tongue thrust in just a matter of weeks! Speech Guy® is referred to by dentists and orthodontists in the area.
  • Adolescent/adult pragmatic language and social skills: We have worked with adolescents and adults with Asperger’s, autism, or social difficulties to improve their ability to communicate with others.

Fluency disorders, such as stuttering, stammering, cluttering: Is stuttering or other fluency difficulties affecting you in school, or at work? Then call Speech Guy® and learn of ways to decrease stuttering and improve your overall communicative confidence.

  • Voice disorders: Speech Guy® received specialized training at Vanderbilt University in the administration and analysis of videostroboscopic and nasoendoscopic evaluation of the larynx. Speech Guy® has much experience in the remediation of voice deficits such as difficulties with pitch, loudness, and quality of voice, due to etiologies such as chronic laryngitis, vocal nodules (nodes), polyps, reflux, and vocal misuse. Speech Guy® will help you improve overall vocal hygiene and optimal use. Speech Guy®® is trained in use of the Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy, and the Boone Voice Program.
  • Aphasia, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Speech Guy®received training in the remediation of language difficulties (e.g. aphasia) or speech difficulties (e.g. apraxia, dysarthria) caused by stroke or brain injury. Speech Guy® uses a therapy protocol derived from experience at Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitative Center in the assessment and treatment of adults post-stroke or TBI. We utilize techniques that include the whole family as much as possible to helping these individuals recover communication abilities.

Would you or someone you know benefit from these services? If so, please call or email Speech Guy®: 562-266-6037 –


Accent Modification: Speech Guy® offers a comprehensive accent modification course for individuals and corporations titled the Standard American English (SAE) dialect training course. This program was written by linguist and Speech Pathologist Wesley Nicholson, utilizing the intonation/prosodic strategies of Lorna Sikorski.